I love these high-ass jeans. I am also wearing super bright eyeshadows from Sugarpill, and I recommend all of the colors.

Sweater from Tulle Bop, pants from Pinup Girl Clothing, shoes from ModCloth

25 March 2014 ·


Fake sweater ties are the best, because I don’t have to look up “how to tie a tie” videos on YouTube to wear them. Also, after I return from a weekend out of town, I grab all my mail out of my mailbox and immediately throw it on my couch.

Dress from ModCloth, tights from Hue, shoes from ModCloth

9 March 2014 ·


Not sure why I look so pissed here, as I like this racing stripe-ish dress.

Dress from ModCloth, tights from ModCloth, shoes from ModCloth

5 March 2014 ·


I’d wear a barrel held up by suspenders if the barrel was plaid.

Dress from Trashy Diva, shoes from ModCloth

23 February 2014 ·


Clearly I love these pants. Also, although they might not look like it, these are surprisingly some of the most comfortable shoes I own.

Sweater from Mode Merr, pants from Pinup Girl Clothing, shoes from Seychelles

22 February 2014 ·


This is me trying to be someone in Cry Baby or a Russ Meyer chick, or on some juvenile delinquent ish. Bear with it.

Sweater from Collectif Clothing, pants from Pinup Girl Clothing, shoes from Prada… and the lipstick is Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso — I got a sample size with something over Christmas, and you guys, it might be one of the best red lipsticks ever made. And the stuff truly does not budge. It’s almost weird.

17 February 2014 ·


Yo, these dresses from Pinup Girl Clothing are so great and frankly make me feel LIKE A BOSS.

Dress from Pinup GIrl Clothing, shoes from uh, Prada

3 February 2014 ·


My line of thinking with this one: “Well, I’m wearing a flashy sequined skirt and I’m showing my bra, so better go with penny loafers instead of heels.”

Shirt from Forever 21, skirt from ASOS, shoes from Bass

30 January 2014 ·


The most important part about this one is the skirt cost me only $20.

Shirt from Etsy (it is alarming how many bands don’t make T-shirts in women’s sizes), skirt from Stop Staring (sample sale!), shoes from ModCloth

12 January 2014 ·


Deal with these fake garters!

Top from H&M, shorts from Forever 21, tights from ModCloth, shoes from Dr. Martens

7 January 2014 ·

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